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Monday, 30 May 2011

Leaked Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Trailer
I don't know how long this will stay online but I'll post it while its still active - David Fincher's Girl With The Tattoo Trailer has just been leaked.

It looks great (for a cam), drenched in typical Fincher style with a killer soundtrack and short snappy cuts.

Friday, 27 May 2011

The Whistleblower Trailer
I'd not heard of this but I do like a good tense thriller so thought I'd share it. It doesn't look like its breaking new ground but could be a decent watch if in the right mood.

Rachel Weisz stars alongside Vanessa Redgrave, Monica Bellucci, Benedict Cumberbatch, Luke Treadway and David Strathairn.

More Total Recall Casting News (Yes More)
The wheels really are going at a decent speed on Total Recall with even more casting news announced. John Cho and Ethan Hawke are now signed on.

John Cho will play McClane, the guy who sells Quaid his Recall experience and Hawkes part is being kept under wraps for the time being.

First Look At Pixar's Brave
Pixar, its a name that is synonymous with quality. Almost every movie they release is both critically and universally embraced, with little exception.

Well they're hoping to continue the trend with the upcoming Brave and today is the day they've released the first glimpse of the red-headed lead character.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Classics Corner: Jaws (1975)
When a gigantic great white shark begins to menace the small island community of Amity, a police chief, a marine scientist and grizzled fisherman set out to stop it.

Review (sort of)
It's slightly daunting coming up with a review of a bona fide classic like Jaws.

Between Two Ferns - Bruce Willis
This made me laugh. Hopefully you'll laugh too. If John were here, he'd laugh too.

Zach Galifiankis interviews Bruce Willis about his ex-wife's new husband, Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, and of course the 80's. The latter, as it turns out, appears to be a time that Bruce likes to reminisce about the most.

Happy Birthday - Marla Singer
Marla Singer is a character in Fight Club. She plays a love interest in the movie and is portrayed by Helena Bonham Carter in real life. She overdoses on Xanax in the movie.

She likes to frequent self help groups, including men's testicular cancer, and also steals laundry which she then sells.

More Total Recall Casting News
Two more names have signed up for Len Wiseman's Total Recall remake, Jessica Biel and Bill Nighy who will play Rachel and Quatto respectively.

Its nice to see that the casting for this is ticking along nicely with a pretty strong cast now seemingly in place. I still have reservations but I'm open to this.

Shark Night 3D Trailer
I suppose when the director of Snakes On A Plane has a new film out you don't really have that much of a high expectation. If any at all.

And you'd be right not to, because the first trailer for Shark Night 3D has been released and it looks ... rubbish. Damn you foresight.

The Descendants Trailer
Yay! That's didn't take too long now did it. I only blogged the other day about The Descendants poster and now I have the first trailer to share with you.

I like the look of it even though its drenched in the typical indie 'dramedy' style complete with music and quick cuts.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Happy Birthday - Wayne Campbell
Wayne Campbell is the host of his own television show on Aurora Cable called Wayne's World.  In the first Wayne's World, Wayne's show gets picked up by television executive, Benjamin, who eventually fires him.

Wayne also meets his girlfriend, Cassandra in the first Wayne's World.  After nearly losing Cassandra in a fight over Benjamin, he wins her back and helps launch her career.

Vin Diesel Asks You A Question
Pitch Black was a good, low budget, intense, sci-fi actioner. The Chronicles Of Riddick was convoluted and just too bloated. So do we want to see a third instalment of the Riddick Chronicles?

Well that's essentially what Vin Diesel is asking via his Facebbook page. Apparently he may need to take a pay cut for this to happen so is asking you, his fans, if he should. The poor dear.

Breaking Dawn Teaser Poster
To say today is a slow news day is like saying Dave Cameron plays a hell of a table tennis match. There just doesn't seem to be much around, hence this rather bland post.

Sure Twlight: Breaking Dawn has plenty of eager fans but even they must be dismayed with the sheer boringness of the first poster. Teaser does not make this any less insipid.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Happy Birthday - Satipo
Satipo appears in the opening scene of RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, as an assistant to Indiana Jones during his raid of a South American Indian tribe's booby-trapped sacred cave. Satipo's betrayal of Dr. Jones is quickly accounted for when he succumbs to one of the death traps of the cave while trying to escape with its archeaological prize .

Salvation Boulevard Trailer
With the Rapture postponed till October it gives us all a little more time to soak up more movie news. So what better way than to show you all the trailer for Salvation Boulevard. Praise The Lord!!

This looks like it could be a lot of fun - Pierce Brosnan, Ed Harris, Jim Gaffigan, Marisa Tomei and Jennifer Connelly all poking fun at religion. Hallelujah!

The Descendants Poster Revealed
Its been about seven years since Alexander Payne last made a movie. That movie was Sideways. So you can imagine how excited I am that a one sheet has been released for his new movie.

Yes, its just a poster, but any fresh news about a new Payne project is cause for celebration in my book.

Take Shelter Trailer
We like to indie things up here on the site from time to time and I've come across a really great trailer that should hopefully interest the masses.

Take Shelter stars the newly cast Zod, Michael Shannon, as a man who starts to believe that there may be an apocalypse on the way. Quite apt for the time really.

The (Very Clever) Muppets Teaser Trailer
Proving that the Muppets still have a trick up their furry sleeve comes the first trailer for their forth coming movie. And its not what you'd expect.

In a genius twist the people behind the movie have come up with trailer that shows one of the worst, most uninteresting rom-coms ever, titled Green With Envy and added muppets.

Monday, 23 May 2011

King's Under The Dome Finds A Writer
Not strictly movie news, but since Spielberg is attached to it and it concerns a Stephen King novel I thought it might interest a few of you.

Yes, the writer of the upcoming Green Lantern - wait come back, give it a chance - movie has been signed on to write the mini-series of King's Under The Dome.

Fletch Remake Grabs A Writer
The old Chevy Chase was brilliant. The Vacation movies, Caddyshack, The Three Amigos and of course Fletch.

So it's with cautious trepidation that I approach any news related to the remake of Fletch, my own personal favourite of the Chase archive.

Tom Cruise To Star In Oblivion
Tom Cruise may be mental, there can be NO denying that, but the guy can act and the next project he's signed up for is very interesting.

Oblivion is Joseph Kosinski's follow up to TRON: Legacy and has been written by William Monahan who also helped pen The Departed. Pretty solid stuff then.

Friday, 20 May 2011

First Glimpse Of Bane - The Dark Knight Rises.
Its late but that doesn't stop the cogs of the movie machine grinding ever forward and due to this we can bring you the first official image from The Dark Knight Rises.

Tom Hardy is the actor and Bane is the character. Yes, it's very early for a sneak peak at one of the major characters but Christopher Nolan has obliged the baying public.

Horrible Bosses Posters
I posted the new trailer for Horrible Bosses a week or so ago and it got garnered a fair bit of interest so to appease visitors interests here's four new character posters for you.

Kevin Spacey described as a Psycho, Colin Farrell (uglyfied), sleazy and Jennifer Aniston, sex crazed. A bonkers idea but at the same time brilliant.

Titanic 3D
Like all blokes who confess to having watched James Cameron's Titanic, the best bits happen after the iceberg hits. The effects, the carnage and the mayhem that ensues are truly the more interesting and watchable parts.

Which is the only reason for anyone to want to watch this film over again in 3D. I see no point what-so-ever in watching the preceding couple of hours in this format.

Stephen Fry Cast In The Hobbit
It's a little old news, and I'm sure you've probably heard it already but Stephen Fry has joined The Hobbit and will play the Master of Laketown.

What you probably don't know is how this came about. Well if your still reading this I'll let Peter Jackson himself fill you in on the details.

Schwarzenegger Movies On Hold
Well it was always going to be on the cards but now its been officially announced that all of Arnold's film projects have been put on hold due to his private affairs.

It's well known now that he had a fling with a housekeeper and fathered a child but this site isn't here for that, it's to report movie news and this now falls into that category.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Keanu Passes On Akira
It would appear Neo himself, Keanu Reeves, has passed on what could have been a huge, and I mean HUGE, role by leaving the Akira movie adaptation.

That's Akira. Probably the most famous and well known of the all the anime stuff (and there's lots) out there. Its a big decision but somehow feels right.

Ferrell And Wahlberg Reunite For Turkey Bowl
The Other Guys may well have been a decent comedy, but I wasn't expecting the two leads Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg to team up again anytime soon. Wrong.

They've both signed on for Turkey Bowl a tale of two rival American Football captains from obessed towns who face off against each other for bragging rights.

Zookeeper Trailer
This is purely posted in the interest of fairness. This blog does not endorse this movie nor does it even remotely like it. It's here because it's a slow news day.

Kevin James, of Paul Blart: Mall Cop fame, is Dr Doolittle. Basically. Well that's the general jist of things. The story is inconsequential really as the trailer tells you all you need to know.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Napoleon Dynamite TV Trailer
Sweet! For all the fans of Napoleon Dynamite, rejoice for there is now a teaser trailer out for the new animated TV show. Don't worry, it looks good.

It really looks like they've captured the feel of the film and transferred it into the cartoon, it also helps that they've managed to get the entire original cast back. Although Uncle Rico is worryingly silent.

The All New Muppets Poster
Do you remember how the Muppets were at one time the biggest thing on the planet? You do? Crikey, we are getting old.

Well it seems that their resurrection is imminent in the form of James Bobin's (Flight Of The Conchords) new Muppets movie and to prove it, here's the first official poster.

The Adventures Of Tintin Trailer + Posters
The wait is over. Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson's tintin finally has a teaser trailer out and at last we get a look and feel of the film.

Is it me or does everything seem really, really slow? Maybe it's done on purpose to give it that dramatic effect, but to me it seems a little, dare I say, juddery.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Iron Sky Teaser Trailer
I've been following this for a good few years now but hardly blogged about it due to the fact that it looked like it'd never see the light of day. Until now.

Iron Sky has a new teaser trailer to promote it's long gestated release date and continues to look absolutely insane and amazing. Insazing if you will.

Fright Night Trailer
After Bloggers little blip on Friday were back online so its catch up time. First up the first trailer for Fright Night.

Looks good but seriously what's with the no show of Peter Vincent? For some reason the best character seems to have been missing in the promotional material and now the first trailer?

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Review: The Rite (15) ★★★
An American seminary student travels to Italy to take an exorcism course.

I truly believe that I peaked too soon when it comes to exorcism movies. In fact that statement should really cover horror in general really.

Seven Psychopaths Casting
Firstly, if you've not seen In Bruges go fucking watch it, watch it right fucking now. Apologies for the expletives but these are necessary as anyone who's seen In Bruges will testify.

Secondly, read this post about Martin McDonagh, director of In Bruges, new project, Seven Psychopaths. He's cobbling a cast together that is starting to sound really impressive. Walken, Rourke, Farrell and Rockwell.

The Change Up Red band Trailer
Well what are the chances of that. You wait for a decent comedy to come along then, BOOM! two in one go, and both starring Jason Bateman no less.

The Change Up is your basic body swap comedy but this one looks to be way more cruder than Freaky Friday and Vice Versa. Waaaaay More.

Horrible Bosses Trailer
The Horrible Bosses trailer is officially the funniest thing I've seen this year so far. The fact that it stars Jennifer Aniston makes this fact even more astounding.

Don't worry this isn't a Rom-Com, you can be excused for thinking that since Aniston stars. What this actually looks like is a laugh a minute, brilliant, dead pan comedy of the highest calibre.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Teaser Poster For The Expendables 2
No director. No script. Only Stallone signed on but never the less there's a teaser poster for The Expendables 2 on show over in Cannes.

It seems a little premature to release something like this when you've got nothing to really back it up with but I suppose publicity breads money and interest and maybe that's what they need.

David Tennant As Peter Vincent
I blogged a couple of months ago a few pictures (that's one of them on the left there) from the Fright Night remake sans probably its favourite character Peter Vincent.

Well fear not my good readership for today we bring you one of the first images of the man made famous(ish) by the legendary Roddy Mcdowell. Yes here's David Tennant as Peter Vincent!

Rachel Weisz To Star In New Bourne Movie
With the wheels starting to slowly turn on The Bourne Legacy and the casting of our new Jason Bourne Jeremy Renner comes the news of the lead actress apparently being signed up.

It would appear that Rachel Weisz has signed on, or is at least in talks, to play a possible female counter-part to Bourne. This is just rumour at the moment but an interesting rumour at that.

Real Steel Trailer
Rock-em sock-em robots. Remember them? If you do, imagine a film concept that basically encompasses everything about that game. If you don't, well, think Rocky with robots.

This really is one of those films that will live or die by its CGI quality and judging by the trailer it looks like it could actually work. Although I'm still pretty much on the fence with it.

The Stars Wars Influence
I stumbled across this over at The Movie Blog and immediately thought that I need to share this on my humble little film site.

Basically it's a chart outlining the influence Star Wars has had on the history of film and game. It's an interesting look at how Star Wars has helped mould cinema into what it is today. Emphasis on helped rather than necessitated.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Jack Sparrow (feat. Michael Bolton)
I my brain is still trying to contemplate what I've just seen while my mouth just won't stop laughing out loud (I'm still trying to get the abbreviation stopped).

Click, if you dare, on the link below to watch Michael Bolton, yes the real Michael Bolton, this isn't some Office Space joke, sing about his new hero Jack Sparrow among others.

Review: The Expendables (15) ★★★
A team of mercenaries head to South America on a mission to overthrow a dictator.

Sylvester Stallone appears to be tying up loose ends to his career, lets take a look at the evidence.

Pacific Rim Lead Cast
I'll hazard a guess that a fair few of you reading this will not have heard of the upcoming Guillermo Del Toro Monster Movie Pacfic Rim. I hadn't.

I'll also place another sneaky wager that not many of you will have heard of Charlie Hunnam who looks to have signed on for the lead role. I hadn't.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Final Destination 5 Trailer
There was a time when the films like this were classed as remakes. The Final Destination movies, well the ones I've seen (one, two and three actually, thanks for asking) have literally been retreads of the original storyline.

Sure they have different characters and different deaths but at their core its the original story and plot with very slight changes. Like I said, remake.

New Footloose Remake Pics Released
I've been asked by someone very dear to my heart if the site can start to focus on genres other than action, comedy or horror. Oh and less Arnold. Okay that last one is not going to happen.

So to try and appease visitors of the site that have a vested interested in other films than mentioned above here are some newly released pictures from the Footloose remake.

Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark Trailer
I love horror films. For me there's nothing better than turning off all the lights and settling down to be truly scared witless. The trouble is that it hasn't happened for a while. A long while.

I don't know if that I've simply just become desensitised to horror since I've been watching the genre for so long or if films just aren't scary anymore. A bit of both would be the intelligent answer I suppose.

Review: How to Lose Friends & Alienate People (15) ★★★
A British writer struggles to fit in at a high-profile magazine in New York. Based on Toby Young's memoir "How to Lose Friends & Alienate People".

So let’s start with a snap review for you folks who are in a rush: