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10 Actors/Actresses That Shouldn't Be Actors/Actresses
Just stop now, its not funny, your just awful.

Actors Who Lost Their Way
From great heights they fall. Hard.

Absolutely Insane Movie Posters
They exist, but nobody knows why.

Top 5: Harrison Ford Movies
Han Solo or Indiana Jones? It's a tough choice.

Top 5: Guilty Movie Pleasures
I know I shouldn't be I just love em.

Movie Anagrams
You either love them or hate them. Either way they're here for your enjoyment.

Top 5: John Candy Movies
See the top five list of the great, late big man.

Five Must See TV Series' Of The Last Decade
Essential TV viewing as suggested by Dave The Boy.

The Top 100 Films Ever (Voted in 2010)
The Top 100 films of all time as voted for by the good readers of Kaihoro Times.

6 Odd Movie Related You Tube Clips
The randomness on offer here is quite astonishing.

The 13 Worst Movies Ever (my choices)
The worst of the worst. And Hugh Grant.

Top 5: Must See Documentaries
Shocking, engaging and entertaining. There's nothing like a good documentary.

The Ultimate Action Hero Poll
Starting from 1980 to present day find out who's the ultimate action hero to grace the silver screen. Voted for by Kaihoro Times readers.