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About Us
The site began as an idea I had a while back and how I wanted to get my thoughts about movies out to a wider audience (rather than just me moaning at Kate). I'd always wanted to have a movie site but never really got round to it so due to my recent sickness bug I thought I'd get down to it and adapt a blogger site I had many many years ago to what the site is now.

There is no real purpose of the site other than for it to exist and be there for anyone who wants to visit. There will be reviews of classic/old/new movies and a collection of movie news that seem reasonably interesting (to me anyway). I'll be honest I can't devote a huge amount of time to it but I'll do what I can and with help from contributors it should hopefully always be well stocked.

I used to be able to watch at least 10-20 movies per week, easily, but times change and along with our beautiful daughter Annabelle I can't dedicate that time anymore for obvious reasons. However if you have a review or any news you think would be relevant drop me a line at the email address below and I'll look at putting it on the site crediting you (you can either have a handle/nickname or your real name its up to you).
I can't promise everything will be posted but if its relevant, interesting and well written I see no reason for it going on.

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Creator/Film Geek
Burt (aka Mark Burton - Me!)
I've been watching movies for so long now I can hardly remember what the first one I saw was. I've been told I was taken to the pictures to see Indiana Jones And The Temple of Doom (BridlingtonCinema) and Ghostbusters (Pontefract Cinema which is no longer there) which I have vague memories of but the real first film I remember watching was An American Werewolf In London and I think I remember that from being scared out of my mind by the first half hour!! Some of my favourite movies include The Big Lebowski and Raiders Of The Lost Ark but to be honest the list is far to long to place here.

I'm sure there is more I could write but this will do for now.

Official Contributors
Dave Gledhill (DG)
Patrick Murphy (PM)
Lesley Williams (LW)
Mike Burton (MCB)