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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Top 5: Harrison Ford Movies
5. Apocalypse Now
Ranked at No. 5 just on the basis that Harrison isn't in it that much. Its controlled by much bigger stars but the fact that you remember Ford bringing a quite assurance in the beginning scenes of the film speaks of his increasing Hollywood clout at that time. It may not be a major role for ford but lets face it, Apocalypse Now is a classic film and must be on a list of this sort.

4. The Mosquito Coast
Ford controls his descent into madness in such a confident and terrifying way it seems a shame that this film still sits under the radar of many people. It's one of the first films where Ford shows his versatility and shows that there was a lot more to this actor that being the everyday hero. If you've not seen this check it out because your missing one of Fords great performances here.

3. Blade Runner
This was always going to be the list wasn't it. Its a sci-fi classic where other films of its genre are still held up to in comparison. Sure the visuals are what alot of people talk about, but the story and characters couldn't have gelled so well if it wasn't for Ford's downbeat portrayal of Deckhard bringing it all together. Rated as one of his best 'acting' roles this remains a colossal performance with everyone still asking "Is he, or isn't he?!"

2. Star Wars IV: A New Hope
Han Solo at number two. It's rare to see him in that position but never the less here he sits. Yes for me its second place on the list for Solo. Cocky, assured and embodying every aspect of what was asked of him makes it a role that will cement him in geek mythology forever. Its amazing that he ever managed to shrug the baggage of Solo from his shoulders and have the varied career he did, I mean just ask Mark Hamill.

1. Raiders Of The Lost Ark
For me there can be only one number one, Indiana Jones. Its a nostalgic choice but one which I do not reject. The storyline, the characters, the action and adventure, there's not been a film which has swept me up as much as Raiders. Ford came into the film with a "I'm Han Solo" badge around his neck and within the first five minutes of the film manages to erase this completely. Amazing performance and astounding film.

And The Worst ..........

5. Star Wars: The Holiday Special
What the hell was everyone thinking? Look, I know the prequels were awful but they don't even come close to this travesty of a show. Hated by literally everyone, not the majority, not the odd few, everyone on Planet Earth hates it, Christ when even George Lucas doesn't want anything to do with it you know you've reached rock bottom.

So there's my list, it's only my opinion and in no way a definite choice I'm forcing on anyone. If you have a list you want to add, or differences of opinion to mine, the comments section is open as always.


Dave The Boy said...

I knew Raiders would be at number one before I even clicked the link.

Will have to try and get hold of 'Coast' though - not seen it.

BigDaddyMerk said...

What? Where is the fugitive? Best HF film ever!

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