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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

My Top 5 Guilty Pleasures
5. The Core
One of those films that's so bad its good? Definitely. I just love it. Everytime I come across it on TV (and its alot) it stays on. I love the lunacy behind the idea, I love the over-the-top heroic values of the characters. What's not to enjoy about watching a band of cobbled together, at odds, adventurers tunnelling to the earths core to detonate a nuclear device to restart it spinning! It's not on many peoples radar but it's absolutely on mine.

4. Moulin Rouge
Now this is a film that I shouldn't really like, but really do. A romantic musical that's overly camp? Why not, it just works for me. The love story between Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor is totally believably, kudos to them both for doing their own singing by the way, and the whole thing looks spectacular, spectacular! I may get slated for this but I don't care, its a lovely and enjoyable film.

3. The Sound Of Music
Should this really be a guilty pleasure? Does such a great classic deserve to be in a feature like this? For me, yes. I'm not known for my soft, family friendly, musical, Disney movie side but The Sound Of Music is an amazing film. Julie Andrews best role by far, and yes I include Poppins in that, and the musical numbers by Rodgers and Hammerstein are bliss. I've always enjoyed this and even more so now I have a family of my own dressed in old curtains.

2. Battle Beyond The Stars
Its just an amazing science fiction film. Simply as that. Don't listen to anyone who tells you otherwise, although there won't be many that even remember it never mind defend it. Starring that dude from The Waltons, Hannibal from the AT, Napoleon Solo and Roper its a homage to the Seven Samurai with one of the weirdest looking spaceships ever committed to film. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

1. The Notebook
I'm sorry but if your male, and you make one of these lists, The Notebook will feature at some point. You may speak to other alpha males who will dismiss this movie as the fundamental 'Chick flick' and laugh you out of the Turkish Sauna you frequent but secretly, at home, hidden away in their collection, lies the DVD of The Notebook. I didn't cry, honestly I didn't *shifts eyes left to right*

So that's my list, want to contribute your own? The comments section is open as always or drop me a mail if you want a feature of your own adding.


Dave The Boy said...

My 5 would probably be:

1). The Jazz Singer - The Neil Diamond one
2). Love Actually (I know, I know - don't hate me).
3). Labyrinth (David Bowie camping it up for two hours with goblins).
4). Final Fantasy Advent Children (Video game spin off? - Check, Anime? - Check, Japanese subtitles? - Check) You have reached Geek level 5!
5). Star Wars - The Phantom Menace. Just kidding.

- Dave G

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