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Thursday, 18 March 2010

5 Must See Documentaries
5. Jesus Camp - Dir. Heidi Ewing; Rachel Grady
Jesus Camp shows how a group of fundamentalist Christians enrol young children into a 'summer camp'to brainwash them into believing that any form of sin will see them cast into the pit of hell fire. Its really scary stuff to see how much they are forced to believe in and to what lengths they'll go to show that faith. No such thing as freedom of choice in this depiction.

4. Fear Of God - The Making Of The Exorcist
A good one this that can be watched on You Tube or if you own a copy of the first DVD release of The Exorcist as an additional extra. Mark Kermode's brilliant documentary on the making of one of the greatest films ever made. His love for the subject is legion and nothing is unanswered. A must see for any Exorcist fan. Which I am.

3. Supersize Me
A film that really shows that one man can make a difference. Morgan Spurlock eats only Maccy D's for 30 days to tell everyone what they already knew, yeah its bad for you but with simplistic ingeniousness shows what actually happens to your health. After the release and success of Supersize Me MacDonalds introduced a whole new healthier range of foods which they ludicrously stated had NO bearer on the film. It put me off MacDonalds for about a year.

2.Grizzly Man
Timothy Treadwell lives with bears. He loves the bears and gives them names like Chocolate. He wants to be a bear. If this sounds a little crazy then you've not even scratched the surface of the intricacies and lunacy of this film. You'll watch this and either find it moving and upsetting or hilarious.

1. Bowling For Coulmbine
You can't have a documentary list without a Michael Moore film in there, and this is his best by far. An astonishing film in every aspect covering gun law, teen angst and the columbine massacre itself. You'll never watch a Charlton Heston movie in the same light again.



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