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Monday, 26 September 2011

Michael Fassbender For Robocop Reboot?
I'm not a fan of rebooting Robocop. I feel the sequels to the excellent original diluted everything that made the first great and turned the franchise into a kid-friendly shambles. Don't get me started on Robocop 3 and the flying.

Some would say then that it's ripe for a remake, to make it what it once was, an uber violent vision of the future. I accept that, except they won't make it that way. Here's why.
Robocop is too commerical at this point. There are countless toys and cartoons to take into consideration. Hollywood is run by money men, if you try and go against them (and merchandise is the big money maker here) they'll bring you and your product down. Hence this reboot will be very a timid affair to appease a fairly large market.

I know this is only my opinion but I really feel it will go down this route. I'm fairly certain we won't see the ferociousness of the original anywhere near this reboot. 

Anyway, to get back on track, director Jose Padilha has been talking about recruiting Michael "I'm going to be in every film ever made from now on" Fassbender as the lead. He says "It's early yet," Padilha admitted on a Brazilian TV show, "but I really like Michael Fassbender. I'll talk to him. There's a possibility..."

So not really news just that the director likes the look of an actor and wants to speak to him. It was a loose story to tie in with letting you know that I think this is a bad idea.



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