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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Why Eddie ... Why?!
Just when you thought Eddie Murphy might be making a comeback he goes and signs on for this.

There are plans to bring Hong Kong Phooey to the big screen, maybe not too much of a bad thing, retro and all that, but there is a down side. They plan to release this as a live-action/animated hybrid of the likes of The Chipmunks.

Yes you read that right, because everyone loved The Chipmunks and Yogi Bear they plan to do the same with Hong Kong Phooey. Good grief.

So obviously seeing how awful this is going to be, Eddie Murphy has jumped on board. Can't someone steer him away from dross like this?

“We could not be happier that Eddie Murphy will star as Phooey,” Alcon Entertainment’s Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove said in a statement picked up by Deadline. “There is no overstating his contributions to cinema, and to such enduring stars of family entertainments such as Shrek and Dr. Doolittle. We look forward to watching him re-imagine yet another classic character.”

Eddie Murphy, once great, now just in it for the money. Epic Shame.


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