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Thursday, 6 October 2011

New Bond Movie Called Skyfall?
There's rumours flying around at the moment surrounding the potential name of James Bond's 23rd movie outing.

The world wide web (its on computers for people who are unsure where to find it) has it that Skyfall will be the title and it'll only be a matter of time before its officially announced.

And how do these people know this? Well it looks like someone has been doing some Sherlocking since they summaise that as Sony is buying up web sites and locking the name Skyfall - this can only mean that it's Bond's new film.

A tad flimsy but it does have some credibility I suppose. There's nothing official announced as yet although Daniel Craig did mention that they agreed on a title about a month ago but didn't let anything else slip.

Skyfall doesn't appear to be related to one of Fleming's novels so we're guessing this is an original piece of work. Still as nothing is official at the moment, speculation continues apace.



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