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Monday, 19 September 2011

Postman Pat - The Movie
Do not adjust your eyes, you read it right the first time, Postman Pat is indeed coming to a big screen near you very soon. Fireman Sam, sadly, is still nowhere to be seen.

Featuring voice talents from Rupert Grint, David Tennant, Stephen Mangan and Jim Broadbent Pat will find himself gaining world wide fame via an X-Factor style talent show.

Grint states the following after being cast “Postman Pat is one of those British symbols, I suppose – you are totally familiar with him and his cat, Jess even if you have never watched the series. How exciting to be part of the Postman Pat heritage.”

Did I miss something here? Am I in some sort of weird time bubble? Is this 1989 again? No it's 2011 and Postman Pat, yes Postman Pat, will have his own Hollywood, mega blockbuster.

Next up Charlie Chalk vs Godzilla. God I'm in a grumpy mood today.


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