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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Ford Talks Indy 5
Indiana Jones 5 is one of those things that just doesn't want to go away. If it's not Shia Leboeuf talking about another instalment, then its the man himself, Harrison Ford, putting ideas in people's heads.

Ford has been speaking to the LA Times and inevitably the topic of a new Indy movies was raised. Click the jump to read what he's, albeit candidly, saying.

"“Maybe a fifth, but I ain’t going to Mars. Next time we get a script for Indiana Jones, I’d be delighted to play the character. Each time we meet him, we wanted to advance the audience’s understanding of the character, not just by putting him in adventures, but by learning something about him. That’s what led to the meeting of his father [in The Last Crusade], played by Sean Connery, and his son [in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull], played by Shia, and bringing Marion back.”

Nothing really given away here, although it would suggest Ford wasn't entirely happy with the plot of the last one. Who knows, maybe he wants to make up for it and give Indy a final adventure that we all deserve?

I don't dislike Indy 4, I did enjoy it with my rose tinted glasses on, but that's not saying it was worthy of the previous three. Maybe it's time to put him to bed and move on.

One interesting thing that did raise itself out of this conversation was the phrase from Ford that "Spielberg only hires me for Indiana Jones flicks, even though, as an actor, I have a bit of range"

Apparently Spielberg was challenged about this, to which his reply was "You know who I offered Jurassic Park to? This guy. Alan Grant, Jurassic Park, right here."

So it would seem Ford was offered the part initially? Interesting, although with Sam Neill cemented in people's memory it'd be hard to see anyone else in that role. Right Tom Selleck?


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