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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Last Exorcism Sequel
I remember seeing the trailer for The Last Exorcism and thinking "Crikey that looks brilliant", then watching the film and being sorely disappointed.

The critics, on the whole, also seemed to agree (especially over that ending) so the news that a sequel has been green-lit surprises me.

Then I learned that it was made for just under $2 million and grossed just over $60. So that's why the sequel had been given the go ahead. Nothing to do with artistic merit, just cold hard cash. Ah Hollywood, you never cease to amaze.

If you've not seen the original then check out our review but to be fair your not missing much at all. Interesting premise completely spoiled by an outrageous and ludicrous ending that makes the whole thing seem like one big joke.

No plot details yet, and too be fair I'm not that bothered anyway.


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