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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Happy Birthday Sean Connery
He's 81 today and to celebrate the fact I'm listing my top 5 favourite Sean Connery movies. I always throw in a worst in these features as well but with Connery I think that's going to be pretty predictable.

So click the read more jump to see what I consider to be his best films.

5. Highlander
Only connery could pull this off. Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez, a Spaniard with the worlds strongest Scottish accent. Ah Sean, you never did compromise did you. To be fair though he's plays this with plenty of gusto and you can tell he's having a good laugh along the way. Just shame about Highlander 2 right?

4. Finding Forrester
Some see this movie as a schmaltzy piece of work that plays on the viewers heartstrings. I mean the story reads as such but it's Connerys performance that pulls this from being a run of the mill melodrama into something a lot more. A toned down performance in a role that fit him perfectly at that stage of his career. A lot of people seemed to have missed this which is a shame as its more than worth a watch.

3. Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade
Surprising? I think a lot of people who read this blog may have expected this entry to be higher but three is where it sits. A great entry into the Indy franchise, Connery turns up as the legendary hero's father and joins him in the quest for the hold grail. Great chemistry with Ford made this and that's down to both actor's respect for one another. A brighter and more comedic entry this still holds up well against the other two with  Connery showing a deft touch for comedy that few thought he had. Excellent Junior.

2. The Untouchables
He won the Oscar for his gruff  portrayal of beat cop Jim Malone and deservedly so. His worldly knowledge is dispensed to Costner's Eliot Ness in no nonsense fashion and his influence is felt throughout the film. You have to remember that he was up against De Niro hamming to the max as Al Capone and Costner as the new kid on the block and making all the headlines so the fact it's Connery you remember more speaks volumes.  Sure his accent switches from Irish to Scottish in a blink of an eye but hey, it's Connery and it's allowed!

1. Goldfinger
You can take your pick from any number of the Bond films Connery made but I have to go along with the majority and put Goldfinger top of the list. I mean seriously has anyone been more cooler than Connery in this film? I just love it and it's the one Bond I can watch over and over again and never tire of. altogether now "Shocking! Positively shocking!"

And The Worst: The Avengers
I think we all knew this was going to be the one. I know Connery's done his fair share of guff but seriously, who the hell talked him into this? I have seriously yet to meet anyone, anyone, who actually has a good word to say about this film. Three words - Teddy. Bear. Suit.



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