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Friday, 12 August 2011

Demme To Adapt King's 11/22/63
See, I told you so. After blogging about The Stand adaptation coming to the big screen it now appears yet another one of Stephen King's books is being adapted.

There is a difference though, this book has yet to hit the shelves. And this one is going to be directed by the guy who directed Silence Of The Lambs. Thought that might interest you.

Recognize the books title? You should, as it's the date John F Kennedy got shot. You guessed it, 11/22/63 is based around the Kennedy assassination and tells the story of 35 year old Jake Epping who travels back in time to try and stop the murder.

Sounds like an interesting proposition and the fact that Jonathan Demme is planning to bring this to life makes it even more so.

11/22/63 is due to hit book shelves in November and any more news on the film will be posted right here.


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