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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Coriolanus Trailer
If you like Shakespeare played out in modern times then chances are your going to like Ralph Fiennes adaptation of Coriolanus.

Judging from the trailer this is going to be a tough watch and it would appear that Fiennes has pulled no punches in what is to be shown.

Fiennes has jolted the great Bard's play from its Ancient Rome setting and pressed it into a fictional modern-day republic. As General Coriolanus, he's pressured to join the Roman Senate by his controlling mother Volumnia, but finds himself banished from the city in disgrace when his fellow politicians conspire against him.

To regain power, Coriolanus must team up with his sworn enemy, Gerard Butler's Tullus Aufidius, because he controls the Volscian army.

Looks really good so take a looksy yourself.

Source: Empire Online


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