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Friday, 25 March 2011

Predators Arnold Strong Cameo
Now before you read any further, if you've not seen Predators then you'll probably want to skip this post. If on the other hand you have and want to find out where Arnold Schwarzeneggers cameo fitted in then read on.

Right, now before I fill you in I need to say that I'm 100% behind this being cut. It's a bad idea and a pretty awful scene in my opinion. But anyway here we go.

Well Arnold's cameo was to fit in as the end scene to the film. Royce and Isabelle have killed off the Predator when another space craft descends. Here's the extract from the script.

Ground begins to vibrate, barely perceptible at first.

Growing stronger, rising in intensity and volume.

As if a freight train was coming toward them.

Slowly Royce stands up. Isabelle alongside him.

Ready for whatever comes next.

Dust and ash swirl all around, obscuring vision in all directions.

Then the cloud settles, revealing—


This isn’t the Enterprise. Ugly. Battered. Functional.

They stare.

A form SHIMMERS into view. A Predator. Another. More. About a dozen of them.

Royce and Isabelle. No energy to fight. No point to run. They simply wait.

Predators part like the Red Sea. Their leader — his armor different from the rest, covered in trophies from untold hunts — approaches.

Surveys up our duo. The devastation. Last but not least, the slain Black Super Predator.

Slowly he removes his helmet.

The face beneath it belongs to—


The man. The myth. The legend.

Not bad, kid. Not bad at all.



What do you reckon, glad they cut it or wish they'd kept it?


Dave The Boy said...

Absolutely glad they'd cut it - it makes no sense for a start.

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