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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The Expendables 2
I've still not see The Expendables so I'm not in position to comment on whether or not a sequel would be a good or a bad thing. I have however seen that it made $275m so obviously a sequel is on its way.

The surprise however is that Stallone has decided not to direct this time. He's currently scouting out a new director to oversee the mayhem and will restrict himself to an acting role.

There's also no news on who from the original will appear or if any new big names will be attached. Bruce Willis has already spoken out that he'd love to extend his cameo and of course Arnold is back again so maybe he could be crowbarred into the team? Who knows.

Two names that have been rumoured at the moment are Jean Claude Van Damage and Steven Seagal. Both are languishing in straight to DVD hell at the moment (although Seagal did still in Machete) and I'd be surprised if either of them turned this opportunity down.

I'll get round to watching The Expendables at some point and keep one eye on developments surrounding the sequel.


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