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Friday, 5 August 2011

First Picture Of Henry Cavill As Superman
And yet another superhero reveal, this time from Zac Synder's Superman. Even though it's not due till 2013 we get to see a glimpse of what Henry Cavill's 'Supes will look like.

Again this is just one picture from one scene (I'm assuming) but it does look good. Plus we get a decent look at the legendary Superman suit.

I like the look of this, even from this shot you get the feeling that they're aiming for a slightly more darker Superman than maybe Donner and Singer's previous films. That for me is a plus point.

I've also noted from different sites that people seem to be comparing the suit to Spiderman's. I can see where they're coming from, this type of design makes the suit feel more organic and part of the hero. Again I like where they're going with it.

See what you think be clicking on the picture below.



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