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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Harry Potter Based On David Copperfield's Life?
This is just shocking. I've always been sceptical of the Harry Potter franchise, I've always thought that the story was just too fantastic to be fiction. It had to be real. This had to be based on Fact.

And now that fact is revealed. In what some would consider the ultimate reveal we find out the truth behind Harry Potter.

David Copperfield, yes that David Copperfield, the enigma that walked through the Great Wall Of China, the maestro who floated across the Grand Cannon, the legend that cameoed in Scrubs, has finally revealed the truth *moves hand across his eyes, revealing .... his eyes*

It would appear everyone's favourite wizard is actually a page by page account of David Copperfields life. This is just too shocking to believe.

But don't take me word for it, let David Copperfield tell you himself ......



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