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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Happy Birthday Bruce Campbell
The legend that is Bruce Campbell is 53 years young today. As a homage to the great man as one of my favourite actors ever, ever, ever I've listed my top 5 Bruce Campbell movies.

Ok so the Evil Dead films take up three of the spots but in which order they come therein lies the mystery.

Here we go then .... Number 5 ......

5. Army Of Darkness
The third in the Evil Dead trilogy and for my money the poorest of the three. A slight departure from the bleak dark comedy of the second, Raimi and Campbell decided to go more slapstick for this entry resulting in a slightly more family friendly feel to proceedings. That said its still a fun film in which Campbell exudes charisma and makes for a decent blockbusting antihero. Groovy.

4. My Name Is Bruce
Directed by and starring Bruce as a parody of himself this is an amazing low budget film and stands as a testament to his B-Movie heritage. Cocky, arrogant and hamming it up to the max this is Bruce at his most irresistible best. The fact that he makes himself so repugnant only adds to the charm. What a guy!

3. Evil Dead 2
For some this may be sacrilegious but in my humble opinion its just not as strong or as powerful as the original. Yes I know its not to supposed to be and is in effect a remake but I still hold the original in higher regard. Dark humour is the order of the day but with the horror element still well in place this remains a great film even today. The film cemented Bruce's identity as a cult hero and paved his career in a way he could never have imagined.

2. Bubba Ho-Tep
A film so insane that it has to be seen to be believed, and Bruce has rarely been better. Elvis and JFK in a retirement home fighting an Egyptian Mummy. Yes you read it right, its a preposterous premise but it really does work and this all down to Campbell's portrayal of Elvis/Sesbastian Haff. An incredible film that needs to be seen by more people.

1. The Evil Dead
It was always going to be really wasn't it. Terrifying back in 1981, yes that's 1981, and still scaring people today. Campbell's first real role and the one that brought a cult hero to life. Played as the more wimpish of the group of teens Ash develops into a zombie/demon killing machine. Loved this film when it petrified me at ten years of age and still sends shivers up my back now. Low budget horror at its very best.

Special Mention: The Man With The Screaming Brain
A film that was so low budget they could only afford to film it in Bulgaria with a Bulgarian cast and filmmakers. That's the extreme Campbell had to go through to get his film made and if reports are to believed it took him 19 years to make his vision come to life. You have to give him credit for not bowing down to studio pressure and keeping to his low budget roots. The fact that the film is still an enjoyable, fun ride considering the nightmare they had to go through is quite remarkable. Put quite simply, the man is a legend.



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