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Friday, 8 April 2011

First Fright Night Images Surface
The remake of Fright Night seems to have been plodding along rather silently with little to no information being released. This can sometimes be a bad sign.

However today we get a look at most of the main characters, with the exception of Peter Vincent, and as always with these types of releases there's not much to them.

The troubling thing also remains that this film is being marketed as a PG-13 in America which roughly equates to a 12A or 15 over here. A cynic would suggest that they may be trying to shoehorn in the Twilight audiences here.

The original was great fun, a majestically camp performance from Roddy McDowell arched over the cheesy eighties fun plot. Importantly though it didn't take itself too seriously but held onto enough horror, gore and seriousness (when it needed to) to keep it the right side of sensible.

I can't shake off the fact that any vampire movie now seems to be trying to target the Twilight audiences of today. Christ even old vampire movies that are absolutely nothing like Twilight are being re-branded to try and draw them in (check out Near Dark revamped(hehe) DVD cover art here for proof).

Lets hope this stays true to the original and remains a good, fun vampire movie.



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