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Monday, 4 April 2011

Damn It Cohaagen Give Those People Air!
With Colin Farrell tied in to replace Arnold Strong as Douglas Quaid in the upcoming Total Recall remake it's also come to light that Vilos Cohaagen may well have been cast.

Bryan Cranston, who you'll probably remember as Hal from Malcolm In The Middle, looks to have been cast as the villainous Cohaagen.

And there's also some details about this versions story. It would seem nobody will be getting their asses to Mars as we'll see Farrell’s Douglas Quaid as a factory worker in a nation state called Euromerica who begins to think he’s a spy – either for his homeland or for rivals New Shanghai. This time around, Cohaagen is the leader of Euromerica involved in a dastardly plot to invade the other country.

Seems like this is going to be a very different entity to the Arnie entry which makes it a little more respectable in my book. If they'd kept a similar storyline I think it would have fallen flat on its face but by distancing themselves from the original, you never know, it just might work.


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