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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Cyborg Remake Minus Van Dammage
Remember when Jean Claude Van Dammage was an actual, real life action movie star and not some over weight depressed man who cries a lot on ITV2?

If you don't, well frankly I pity you because along with Seagal, Dudikoff and Bosworth he was one of the better 'underground' stars over shadowed by the Schwarzeneggers, Stallones and Willis's.

Some may argue that he held his own with the heavyweights, others say he was lucky to forge his career in Hollywood by simply kicking very, very high and doing the splits, oh and a few butt in the moonlilght shots.

I think he made some decent efforts and one such effort, Cyborg, is looking like it's going to be remade. First Showing has the original director offering his ideas on such a remake

Apparently Pyun (director) thinks the story is ripe for a remake and already has the film’s original actors Vince Klyn (who played the villain) and Terrie Batson (the love interest) involved in some capacity. In addition, Michael Pare (The Lincoln Lawyer), Sasha Mitchell (“Step by Step”), and Olivier Gruner are all in talks to take on the roles of Slingers, some kind of mercenaries. And if that wasn’t enough, Pyun also hopes to get Rutger Hauer and Michael Dudikoff involved too.

So no Van Dammage but then again I'm sure he'll be happy plying his trade with ITV2 and crying at the house he moved to when he was three but had to move out of because of the 'voices'. Scheeeeessh.


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