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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

13 Assassins Trailer
Takashi Miike goes mainstream? Surely not. Well I think he just might have after watching the trailer for his new film 13 Assassins.

It looks grandiose right from the outset with some serious carnage going on and I think this will play right into the hands of western audiences.

The story is nothing new, in fact its a remake from a sixties movie, a tale of few against many. 13 Assassins face off against a ruthless warlord and his hundred or so follows. Good luck with that.

I'm a fan of Miike's work and feel he deserves a much larger audience than the cult following he already has. Audition was just brilliant and Ichi The Killer still remains one of my favourite 'extreme' films of eastern cinema. True his style isn't for everyone but you can't disagree that he's original and you take something away from each of his films.

Trailer below



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