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Monday, 3 October 2011

MacReady Joins Django Unchained
The last time Kurt Russell joined forces with Quentin Tarantino, it was for the unholy mess that was Death Proof. A film so bad it actually sits in my top ten worst films ever. Yes, that bad.

Now with Kevin Costner dropping out to due to 'scheduling conflicts' Russell has jumped on board to play the part Ace Woody, a sadistic plantation manager who takes pleasure in torturing slaves.

I still try to understand the arrogance of Death Proof but struggle to come up with anything resembling a defence. It's a horrible, pretentious film that should be avoided by everyone. I think that's about as good a review as you'll get from me.

Still I like Tarantino, he bounced back with the brilliant Inglorious Basterds and I have high hopes for Django. I also rate Kurt Russell, he's played some strong, iconic roles in the past and I think he's begging for another opportunity to show his worth.

A good addition to an already impressive cast.


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