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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

[REC] 3 GENESIS Teaser Trailer
[REC] was an incredible film, I loved it to bits. Truth be told though I wasn't that impressed with [REC]2, it was basically been there, done that but with less scares.

So it's good to see that with [REC]3 they're branching out a little and going a slightly different route. That route being a wedding celebration that turns very, very nasty. Chainsaw nasty.

The teaser's been released and it's a clever one, showing a series of wedding pictures shortly followed by the carnage and zombie goodness we've come to expect from the franchise

If you haven't seen the previous two entries I'd recommend taking a look, if nothing more to just get to know the back story. As said the first is fantastic whilst the second, not so much.

The trailer may be considered red band so consider that a warning.



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