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Friday, 8 April 2011

Warrior Trailer
The Best Of The Best. Kickboxer. No Retreat, No Surrender. Bloodsport. Hell even Rocky. This is what I recall when I watch the trailer for Warrior.

Now that's not to say its a bad thing, all guilty pleasures, and judging from what warrior is bringing to the Octagon, it looks like it intends to be just that.

There's not an original thought that has gone into this, retired fighter has family problems and turns to old time coach to train and get him back to his best but, oh no, his brother stands between him and glory. It's been done many times before yet somehow Warrior has me intrigued.

Maybe I'm a sucker for this type of film or maybe there's still mileage in that storyline, either way with the ever increasingly impressive Tom Hardy on board along with Kurt Angle .... hang on....what? ... anyway it's got potential. Now get out there and win this thing!!

See what you reckon .....



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