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Monday, 11 April 2011

Melancholia Trailer
I like Lars Van Trier. Yes his films aren't to everyone's taste and yes sometimes he goes over the top, but he's such an interesting film-maker you can't help but be interested.

With everyone still getting over Antichrist Van Trier has been busy making his version of a disaster movie. Yes that's right, Lars Van Trier has made a end of the world movie.

The trailer is as you would expect, weird and confusing, but seems to tell that tale of a large object that's about to hit earth with a centralised story focused on a family at odds during a wedding.

It boasts a strong cast, Kirsten Dunst, Keifer Sutherland and John Hurt, to name but a few and looks very intriguing.

If you've not seen an of Van Trier's movies before, seek them out for a very different film experience to what your probably used to. Oh and also check out the trailer below. Nearly forgot that. Chaos Reigns!



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