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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Green Lantern Problems
I posted the latest trailer for The Green Lantern a good few weeks ago and didn't think too much to it. Well it seems neither did anyone else, especially Warner Bros.

With a mere two months to go before the official release Warner Bros have stumped up a further $9 million  to 'fix' the current special effects. Ouch.

It's reported that most of the money will go to improve the look of Ryan Reynolds Lantern costume and most notably his little face mask. Double ouch.

It says a lot about a film when a studio will put forward that kind of money to fix mistakes, and lets be fair they are mistakes, that should have been spotted in pre-production or at least principle photography.

From what I can read not many people where taken with the effects so it seems only logical that this move is being made. With two months to go before release however they better be snappy about making the end product look good otherwise this could be a fiasco on Waterworld scales.


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