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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Review: Hancock (12A) ★★★
Drunk and grumpy John Hancock has a PR make over to make the public see that he is really a superhereo with good intentions.

Most Will Smith films can be classed as good, enjoyable and for the most of the time easy family viewing. Hancock is pretty much in the same category though gives a slightly different spin on the traditional 'Superhero' image.

Smith plays it well and seems to suit the role though I am not sure he suits the superhero ubber suit. Hancock saves the life of Ray who as a thank you wants to build up Hancocks PR and portrait him as the good guy he is kind of trying to be. Trouble starts when he decides to place the head of one gentleman up the bum of another gentlemans whilst in prison. Interesting moment! They break out of prison and hunt him down and happen to catch him at a time where his powers have faded.

Not wanting to spoil the story Rays family will never be the same after the revelation that happens there and Hancock of course saves the day and takes on a new guise as happy sober(ish) superhero. Cue Hancock 2!

Verdict: Some good action and a 'bit different from the normal story but still the same happy outcome' film. Would watch again.

Review Submitted and Rated by: Alex Ward


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