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Monday, 1 August 2011

Die Hard 5 Rumours
If these are to be believed, and you can blame Twitch Film if they are, then it looks like the Die Hard franchise may well be put in a Indiana Jones shaped grave.

Again, these are just rumours, albeit credible rumours, but they currently consist of John McClane and his .... jesus this is almost too painful to write ... they have him ....

Damn it I'll just say it - They have John McClane heading over to russia (as yet for reasons unknown) to fight local forces along with his *gulps* son.

Yes, its going to be Crystal Skull all over again although this does smell like an exercise in giving Die Hard more longevity with McClane's son taking up his old man's mantle.

Its been noted that I didn't mind the last Indian Jones outing, that being said the 'son' element was something I wasn't particularly taken with and maybe rose tinted spectacles still help me accept the film. But John McClane adventuring with his son? Please.

I'd be interested to hear peoples thought on this so as usual comments below.


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