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Friday, 15 April 2011

Cowboys & Aliens Full Trailer
I'm on a roll today. Two awesome trailers for your eyes to absorb. Here's the full theatrical trailer for Cowboys & Aliens and it looks brilliant. Fantastically brilliant.

You get a better look at the characters, storyline and even the briefest glimpses of the aliens, but thankfully it doesn't over-step into spoiler territory.

Harrison Ford looking as cool as he does in his Indy gear along with Daniel Craig who both seem to be clicking well together and the effects look spot on to boot.

I love the old west feel mixed with the sci-fi alien invasion theme and I just hope that everything ties well together and doesn't become a jumbled mess. We've all seen (or heard) how bad wicky wicky Wild Wild West was when that tried to bring 'advanced technology' to a western theme so here's hoping they've learned from that lesson.

Oh and there's not one hundred foot mechanical spiders involved.



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