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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Arnold Back As The Terminator
This isn't a wind up, this is fact. Arnold Schwarzenegger, 63, has signed on for another outing as the fabled Terminator. Can't say I'm excited about this.

Since he stepped down as the Governor he's apparently been mulling over various projects, some old familiar roles and others new and so it seem's he opted to go back to his roots.

I have no idea where the story will now go or how they will incorporate Arnold, 63, into the film. I know that in TRON Legacy they had a younger Jeff Bridges CGI'd in and have been told it looks good, so will they do the same with Arnold, 63? If so, why bother? It won't be Arnold, 63, who stars it'll just be his voice?!

I just don't get why he's signed on for it what with the lack of a script and a definite director. It's not like he needs the money, or does he? I'm disappointed by this announcement and feel that it's a bad move.

Oh and did I mention he's 63 for FFS!


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